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The Goal of a Successful Trader is to Make the Best Trades. Money is Secondary.

nzdusd 1hr sr forex pic

The NZD/USD money pair tells the dealer what number of US dollars the statement cash are expected to buy one New Zealand dollar (the base cash). Along with the Australian Dollar and the Canadian Dollar, the NZD is an item money, that is a cash whose nation fares are to a great extent involved crude materials valuable metals, oil, horticulture, and so forth

NZDUSD wekly
NZDUSD wekly at major Resistance(R1) level and made double top level point 0.65833 if they price closed above these R1 Level and scond major Resistance level 0.67409 to 0.67874 then its conform to price will be comes major down

zdusd 97

Daily forcast

weekly and daiy same Resistance point where price is truggaling point:

4h anylsis

4h is major strong Resistance point .50% chance is price is come down and the closed price the counter trend line breake the sell opperunty 100% and down value is 0.65333 counter trend line is most importants to sell sign id they not breake then don’t sell.

1 hr

1HR is price closed yellow counter trend line breake (CTLB) in bearish, the major sell indication give bearish engulfing candle major chance to sell .

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